Sunday, March 17, 2013

Figure Skating Culture

Figure skating culture is very entre nous. While the literal translation is "between you and me", the broader meaning is "only understood by insiders".

Outsiders see figure skating as

Insiders see figure skating as building skills and making the cut

Outsiders see skating as "entertainment"

Skaters see it as "a program"

Outsiders see skating "for little girls"
(Mike Kirby was one of the founders of ISI. 
A Manley woman podcast with his son David Kirby 
has some interesting US skating history)
Insiders see it "for everyone"

Ice tourists base their idea of skating on their experience of public skate:

Skaters see it as practice, practice, practice....and learn to live with pain.....

And finally, outsiders see skaters at "sparkly little princesses"

Vanessa James

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  1. Great interview with David Kirby. Thanks for sharing. My rink has both USFSA and ISI teams. Group lessons are via ISI and at least here lessons are packed.