Friday, March 17, 2023

What corner can I skate in?

 I'm back taking lessons, after the horrible 2023 winter, and multi-month closure of the rink for repairs, and I realize that have forgotten many  of the rink etiquette rules. Now I realize that I've forgotten which corners I can skate in without someone jumping into me. 

So I skate up to one of our adult male skaters , he who I know has a lutz and so must know the rules. So I confess, "It's been 3 years since I've been on ice regularly, and I've forgotten the lutz corner rule here. Which ones are clear to skate on?"

I saw him give me a big happy grin.I have a blog I write about rink etiquette and he read it when it was pre-covid, so I assume he's amused at my failure to remember. I'm okay that I'm so funny that I made someone so happy at the near end of the session

 He's really enjoying himself. 

The laugh gets even bigger.

"So, what's so funny?" I asked. 

His laugh finally stops. " I jump lefty. so I don't care."

He's just so so so HAPPY that he's ticked me off.

Someday I will get my revenge!