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 I don't get any bonuses, kickbacks, or freebies.....I wish.

These are elastic straps used for two purposes:
1. During the time you are breaking in new boots and are skating with unlaced top hooks, Katstrapz go around the top hooks. Using these you get enough constraint to hold the boot tops together, but enough stretch to let you get some ankle bend.
2. After you break in your boots, you can use the Katstrapz to keep your lace ends and bow tidy.
Katstrapz are cleared for wear in competitions.
They last about two years of hard wear.

Over the Tops: Half custom designed skating sock with a curve-around the foot fit, and half boot cover, this unique accessory is designed for skaters from the bottom up. Unlike stuff we adapt from the dance world, it's quality stuff just for skaters. Here's the original post.

General Skating Stuff:  Northern Ice and Dance 
Nice selection of soakers, cute costumes, accessories. The clothing is mostly for kids, but there's a nice selection for adults too (including adult sized sports bras). Skate tape in 2 sizes and three colors (including the hard to find beige), plus a lot more including boots. I enjoy going and poking around to see what's new.

Head Protection: Ice Halo 
Ice Halo is a circular foam headband with various covers. They also have a hat model as well. I have a yellow fleece model and wear it every time I skate after I tapped my head after falling while doing a forward edge pull

This is a large and extensive subscription service with lessons from many coaches. They cover the complete range of skills from beginner skater to skater working on doubles. The service is designed for coaches, but adult skaters can benefit too. 

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