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Updated in  2017.


The rinks have tiny little clocks in them and don't run the big scoreboard clocks day to day. I found a slap watch was useful. I just bought a cheap one and slapped it on over the arm of my jacket when I was skating. Off ice I just wore the watch normally.  The slap feature was really nice, as it would go over  jackets, gloves and wrist guards.

How to work the locker combinations.
If you went to high school in the US you know how to work the combination on the lockers, but there were a number of non-US students who didn't. Here's how you open your locker. The office will give you a combination of 3 numbers and a locker assignment. To open the locker turn the lock to the right so it goes past the first number twice and stop on the first number the next time. Turn the lock to the left so it passes the second number once and stop on the second number the next time. Turn the lock to the right and stop on the third number. Open the lock by lifting up on the handle.

Lake Placid does not change the combinations, so if you want real security, bring a padlock.

You can find reasonably priced skating gear in town
Figure skating is only big in Lake Placid for a few months a year. There's a skating shop across the street from the rink (it's a nice shop if you're looking for adult skating clothes, I've had some good finds) but they had a wide stock in 2016 including soakers, guards, tights, and protective gear. Also Zuca inserts. Costs were very reasonable! They may still rent costumes for the Saturday performance.

Skate sharpening
I don't know the status of the skate sharpener at LP. I always get my blades done two weeks before I go.

A Towel in the Skate Bag is a good idea
I was skating 5 hours a day and was having a hard time keeping my boots dry. Then I saw a couple of the skaters set their boots on a towel under the benches to let them air out while they went to lunch. Good idea. I actually had to take my boots apart and remove the insoles to get them dry every day. The lockers are ventilated, but it takes all night for the boots to dry out.