Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Group Lessons--Foot work

When we all succeed on completing  footwork across the rink
The people in Basic Skills never notice our little celebrations
When all the adults in the class end up in the same spot
while doing alternating 3 turns

The group coach is shocked when I'm first across the rink doing a swingroll, mohawk, turn forward, 3 turn pattern across with a gratuitous spin at the end


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Alternating Spins

I told my Thursday group coach that I was working on my alternating spins, but there was some 'technical trick' I was missing. 

She said, " Do your spin and to check it punch out your arm. Right arm if you're spinning right , Left arm if you're spinning left."

Just like "Check" Norris

So, yes, I can alternate my spins. As long as they're
  1. Two foot entrance
  2. not too fast
  3. 3 rotations or less
Like a Boss


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The 3 turn Spin Entry Dyslexia

It seems like all at once every coach I have contact with want me to do a 3 turn spin entry.

Do  a 3 turn, do the  hook and do the spin. I'll get it in a couple of lessons.

But, and this is the critical point, all the coaches want me to do a back cross-step forward entry into the 3 turn.

No problem with that, I've been doing back cross-step forward into 3 turns for years.

Problem? When I do the back cross and step forward I don't know whether I'm doing a right 3, or a left 3, and furthermore, if I end up with a left spin or a right one.

What's coming out of this back cross: Left spin or Right spin?
Coach asks for a left spin, and I stare blankly, imagining the back cross the step forward,

Coach says, "Go ahead."

I ask, "So for  a left spin which back cross do I do?'

Coach steps through it. BACK-STEP FORWARD-SPIN. 'That one."

For reasons known only to God, I DO THE OPPOSITE BACK CROSS.  And I still end up with the left spin.

Yeah, either I'm adding an extra step, or I step forward facing out of the circle, my body is going to get the spin my coach wants (as long as I don't think about at all!)

PS; Last night out of nowhere, I started doing a right forward spin, then somehow switching to a left forward  spin. It's not pretty, but there's possibilities.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

I Got My Spiral Back!!

What Did My Spiral Use to Be?

 No kidding. It was this bad.

 Where is it now?
This is not me

How Did I lose my Spiral?

I got old?
That's only part of it.
 I relied on my natural flexibility--
and didn't do anything with it.

And I lost it

I do 30 min. of 'beginner stretches' every day  for my hip therapy, but that just keeps the pain away. If I wanted to make spiral progress, I had to get serious.

How did I get my spiral back?

I did 2 months of Krystin Scott's Flexibility Yoga in the following order

Part 1:To start--5 days a week for a month. Just part 1 (plus my other exercises )

 Part 1 + Part 2 in order starting the following month: Both! in order. 5 days a week for another  month. (plus my other exercises)

Part 1 is easy to learn, but it does challenge me more than my usual stuff.

Part 1 + Part 2 : 5 days a week. Not only lengthens the time of the session, but there are some positions in Part 2 that took me several sessions to master. 

My hip is up to hip height.

My coach wants it higher.

Part 3 of the exercises is much tougher. I'm giving the Part1+Part2 combo another month before I try Part 3.
So. Yes, I can get my spirals back!!

Use it or lose it Baby!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Low Spins CLASS: Part 2

I tell my coach the hardest thing about the Low Spins
class is there's no time to warm up before class,
so my first spins are crap.

My coach is gleeful


Friday, January 10, 2020

Low Spins LTS

I Add a THIRD LTS Session

It turns out my home rink has a 'Low Spins" special class, during Kids Basic Skills ice. There's no age limit on it, so I sign up. So, this means, I have Low Spins, Practice Ice right after,  then the ADULT Freeskate 2 on the same night. Basically, Low spins is all kids except for me.

 This is how I Look Skating in the Low Spins Class

This is How I look in Freeskate 2

All night long. Look up, look down..

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Avoiding Foot Surgery to Skate

You may remember the problems I've had over the last year with my bunion and bone spur in my right foot. Last year, I had to have my foot padded up like the picture below, and I was worried I was going to have to have foot surgery.

This is what my foot looked like last year

So I had physical therapy, a cortisone injection (worthless), and I wore the podiatrist recommended "ugly shoes with rocker soles" everywhere! Yes. there are actual shoes with slightly curved soles called 'rocker soles', that take the stress off your bunions and bone spurs in your great toe.

These are ugly, 
but they feel gooooooood
This is not me.
 The ugly shoes took the stress off my feet, and over a period of months, the inflammation in my foot reduced a remarkable amount.
The only padding I now need 
And now, are you ready for my secret boot super-fitting technique?

I skip the lace holes over the bunion/spur

I know you may think it leaves a loose fit, but surprisingly, it doesn't. Maybe I couldn't jump in this, but since this is my pick-in foot, I don't think I'd be jumping with this toe problem anyway.

So there you are.  By being patient, and flexible with my approach to my boot fit problem, I've managed to avoid surgery and give my foot time to heal.