Saturday, November 30, 2019

Testing Nightmares

You're planning to test next year: Then

  USFS has a test change for 
some element they think is 'too easy even for adults'
It's your worst element

Then your coach says you have to test in a dress,
and you have to shave your legs because you've been
 too busy practicing 'that bad element' for months

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

You know you love figure skating when...
you volunteer to be the turkey in the Fall Show

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Future of Boot Manufacture

I went to see my 'hockey coaching podiatrist' and while he was trimming a callus affecting my skating I couldn't trim myself, he mentioned that there's a new method for measuring feet for custom boots.  

The NFL is now making boots for football with a machine. I don't know what buzzword technology it uses: 


This has the most potential

The problem with the 3D printing is probably the robustness of the materials. I've seen 3D  printed shoes already, their longevity is not something I have any information on. But if the NFL has to make 10 pairs per player per year, well they have to spend the money they're not paying Colin Kaepernick on something.

My hockey playing podiatrist was really enthusiastic about for making custom orthotics for figure skates. I said, "But all that technology is for flat soled shoes and boots; figure skates have a raised heel, I've never thought flat orthotics worked well for me in my skates."

He waved that off , "Oh, you figure skaters need to get get rid of that heel obsession and switch to flat boots."

"What? And break 150 years of figure skating tradition?" 

Then he told me they wouldn't be making custom figure skates in this way for 'at least 10 years'.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Beating Ice Bullies

Don't Ever Let Someone Treat You
Like You're a Dirty Pair of Rental Skates
With a Broken Lace,  Two Missing
Lace Hooks, and Blades That Haven't
Been Sharpened Since The Lake Placid

Inside, You're a Pair of Full Custom, Pink
Suede Boots, With Gold Seal Blades,
That You Just  Nailed Your First Axel In,
You Beautiful Bitch.

Now get out there and Kick Some Ice!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Winter Season Ice Tourist

It's only November and the Ice Tourists are already camping out in the Center

Not to mention the buzzed 20 year olds who kept skating at me during spin practice.

It was so crowded even my coach couldn't block everyone.


Welcome to Winter Skate.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Back Inside Edges: The Pigeon Toe Push Off

I've had a struggle with the push off for my back inside edges. I've done the C-cut for a long time, and my coach has a definite attitude to them.

She regards C-cuts as limiting and lazy and "you can do better".

So we've tried a couple of variations which I won't go into except to say, they broke me of my habit of pushing off on my inside edge with my outside foot. Yes I did an outside swizzle to push on my back edge on the wrong foot. Tbat has to be uniquely awkward among skaters.

So today she introduced me to the Pigeon Toed Back Stroke.

Stand Pigeon Toed -- With a Deep Knee Bend 

Push the Inside Foot Forward--
While keeping the Knee Bend
Throughout  the Edge
 and the free foot forward

I know what you're thinking, "Oh, that's easy." All I have to do is:
a. Break bad habits
b. Get over  ankle weakness.
c. Stabiliizing my balance during my push-off (to avoid falling backwards_
d. Stabilized on the edge just behind the rocker.
e. Rotate my shoulders
f. Switch my arm positions
e. Keep good posture
f. Stop skating  swaybacked
g. Use enough power to get through the whole edge on one stroke

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Travelling Spins

We all know what travelling is. It's not a trip to home for the holidays, it's a spin that goes across the ice rather than be centered.

I was watching a friend do his sit spin.

He's Sooo close to getting too this position..
in a way
His only problem..Travelling
"You know," he said looking at the ice, 
"That's halfway across the circle"

I said, "More of a sit twizzle" 

He's still speaking to me...

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Evil Judges

I've heard the stories of judges who hate adult skaters.  Or who refuse to follow the rule book for Master's (One adult got marked down for shallow edges when the rule book says 'shallow edges are acceptable').

I never believed these stories until a coach who was testing silver dance, told me her horror story. She had been failed on a Silver dance 3 times by the same judge. Her own coach and partner (a formal national competitor) told her the judge was never going pass her since the judge didn't believe adults should test.

Let's look at this story as if it was a film:

The Judge

 The Dance Coach /Partner

When the Student Under Test Hears about it

Apparently the judge has ticked off so many people: adult students, and coaches (who earn income from teaching and partnering adults) the judge is no longer invited to judge for the club.  

 All of our Adult Skaters testing this session