Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Future of Boot Manufacture

I went to see my 'hockey coaching podiatrist' and while he was trimming a callus affecting my skating I couldn't trim myself, he mentioned that there's a new method for measuring feet for custom boots.  

The NFL is now making boots for football with a machine. I don't know what buzzword technology it uses: 


This has the most potential

The problem with the 3D printing is probably the robustness of the materials. I've seen 3D  printed shoes already, their longevity is not something I have any information on. But if the NFL has to make 10 pairs per player per year, well they have to spend the money they're not paying Colin Kaepernick on something.

My hockey playing podiatrist was really enthusiastic about for making custom orthotics for figure skates. I said, "But all that technology is for flat soled shoes and boots; figure skates have a raised heel, I've never thought flat orthotics worked well for me in my skates."

He waved that off , "Oh, you figure skaters need to get get rid of that heel obsession and switch to flat boots."

"What? And break 150 years of figure skating tradition?" 

Then he told me they wouldn't be making custom figure skates in this way for 'at least 10 years'.


  1. I feel like jumping would be a lot more dangerous in flat soled boots.....

    1. BTW you got your new boots yet? Did you post that on skatingforums?

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