Saturday, November 16, 2019

Back Inside Edges: The Pigeon Toe Push Off

I've had a struggle with the push off for my back inside edges. I've done the C-cut for a long time, and my coach has a definite attitude to them.

She regards C-cuts as limiting and lazy and "you can do better".

So we've tried a couple of variations which I won't go into except to say, they broke me of my habit of pushing off on my inside edge with my outside foot. Yes I did an outside swizzle to push on my back edge on the wrong foot. Tbat has to be uniquely awkward among skaters.

So today she introduced me to the Pigeon Toed Back Stroke.

Stand Pigeon Toed -- With a Deep Knee Bend 

Push the Inside Foot Forward--
While keeping the Knee Bend
Throughout  the Edge
 and the free foot forward

I know what you're thinking, "Oh, that's easy." All I have to do is:
a. Break bad habits
b. Get over  ankle weakness.
c. Stabiliizing my balance during my push-off (to avoid falling backwards_
d. Stabilized on the edge just behind the rocker.
e. Rotate my shoulders
f. Switch my arm positions
e. Keep good posture
f. Stop skating  swaybacked
g. Use enough power to get through the whole edge on one stroke

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