Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why I Love My Ice Rink

I texted my coach that I was ready to start skating again, and I thought I'd take a test skate on public on Sunday to see if I was ready to start lessons again.

She texted me back: "The Christmas show is before public. Then after public there's the Hanukkah show."


I've never heard of a rink having both a Christmas and a Hannukkah show.  Over the past couple of decades 'Christmas' shows, have more commonly been titled something like "Winter Show" or whatever.

My rink, for whatever reason is having two shows.

Then I got a second text from my coach: "And sometime during public they're putting a giant Menorah on center ice."

The Giant Menorah
 "What?" I texted back, "No dreidel?"

I got a text back that one of our Jewish skaters said she was offering to go out, spin and fall over!

You know, there's a program in that!

So yep, I'm going to both shows!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

What I Got My Skating Coach For Christmas


It's called a 'Hair tools caddy', but it's really a Skating Organizer.
The pockets on the side will hold 20oz sodas. Plus there's internal pockets.
The thing is as sturdy as a brick

A Simonize Waffle Weave Car Detailing Towel for drying her blades.
These are the best!
My coach got all teary. She's still using a towel from 11 years ago.
A Tyvek Wallet.
Tough as iron, thin as paper.
So my coach can have a special 'skating wallet' that
doesn't take up space in her pocket.

Plus, foot creme and chapstick. Cause she's on the ice 6 hours a day.

(Skating report: I'm not skating at all. The knee gave out and I'm waiting for my Synvisc Injection next week. The Physical Therapy for the bursitis is working but slow)

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Well, what's wrong with my leg, hip, knee, back is worse than I thought. Although it's probably treatable, it's going to take months. I'm taking a break from the blog. I just don't have the energy. 

I've been given permission to skate, but it's probably not more than lap skating. Nothing bloggable in that.

And just after I finally get my boots to fit. Typical.