Saturday, December 13, 2014

What I Got My Skating Coach For Christmas


It's called a 'Hair tools caddy', but it's really a Skating Organizer.
The pockets on the side will hold 20oz sodas. Plus there's internal pockets.
The thing is as sturdy as a brick

A Simonize Waffle Weave Car Detailing Towel for drying her blades.
These are the best!
My coach got all teary. She's still using a towel from 11 years ago.
A Tyvek Wallet.
Tough as iron, thin as paper.
So my coach can have a special 'skating wallet' that
doesn't take up space in her pocket.

Plus, foot creme and chapstick. Cause she's on the ice 6 hours a day.

(Skating report: I'm not skating at all. The knee gave out and I'm waiting for my Synvisc Injection next week. The Physical Therapy for the bursitis is working but slow)

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