Thursday, February 8, 2024

The Blades Are Deaddd!

 I was planning to get my blades sharpened and noticed that the edge was thin.  Really thin. There was hardly any space left for another sharpening. 

Since I was at the rink I walked up to the skating director (nine times competitor at Worlds) and said, "I'm thinking my blades need replacing." Her face lit up. She was exited to talk about skates. She practically snatched the boots out of my hands. Her eyes examined the blades , "Yes, you have two sharpenings left."

That's a pro there. TWO ! SHARPENINGS ! LEFT !

                                                                 DEAD BLADES


 She says, "You've got plenty of time." She rolls her eyes up and calculates my skating hours. "Maybe a year."

I'm thinking, maybe 6 month. And I've been looking at people trying to buy boots now, I read it can take up to a year to get Harlicks. There might be similar delays in blades. Don't wait a year. The delays may get worse.

So I've got dead 9 1/4 inch Pros on my white boots. I thought they came off my tan dance boots that I quit skating in 5-6 years ago . I've been thinking of turning the tan boots into figures boots, so I think---if I'm going to buy new blades for the white boots, why not get blades for the tan boots at the same time?

So, I trudge into my skating storage room...and open my skate storage toolbox. And there is my perfectly stored tan skating boots with 9 1/4 Pros on them with plenty of edge!

Dear God, I thought l swapped these Pros on the tan boots onto the white boots. I cannot imagine in what world I would leave  a perfectly barely used blades on an old pair of boots and put new blades on new boots. Was I thinking I was going to skate in both pairs of boots? Why?

Anyway, that's me saving buying a new pair of blades for the white boots,  as I've got a pair of Pros from the tan boots that are worn but have some life in them, and I can try those out those on the white boots. 

Perfectly Good Blades!

So go into the problem with one pair of dead blades, come out with a pair of usable used blades. I'm CHEAP!!