Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The 3 turn Spin Entry Dyslexia

It seems like all at once every coach I have contact with want me to do a 3 turn spin entry.

Do  a 3 turn, do the  hook and do the spin. I'll get it in a couple of lessons.

But, and this is the critical point, all the coaches want me to do a back cross-step forward entry into the 3 turn.

No problem with that, I've been doing back cross-step forward into 3 turns for years.

Problem? When I do the back cross and step forward I don't know whether I'm doing a right 3, or a left 3, and furthermore, if I end up with a left spin or a right one.

What's coming out of this back cross: Left spin or Right spin?
Coach asks for a left spin, and I stare blankly, imagining the back cross the step forward, and.....and.....an...d....nothing.

Coach says, "Go ahead."

I ask, "So for  a left spin which back cross do I do?'

Coach steps through it. BACK-STEP FORWARD-SPIN. 'That one."

For reasons known only to God, I DO THE OPPOSITE BACK CROSS.  And I still end up with the left spin.

Yeah, either I'm adding an extra step, or I step forward facing out of the circle, my body is going to get the spin my coach wants (as long as I don't think about at all!)

PS; Last night out of nowhere, I started doing a right forward spin, then somehow switching to a left forward  spin. It's not pretty, but there's possibilities.


  1. I'm totally confused!!
    So is it a FO-3? Or FI-3? What edge is the back cross to?

  2. If I do a back cross with the left foot in front, I should turn forward to the right into a RFO3 into a right spin. However, what I unconsciously did the first few attempts at this, was to do the cross with the left foot in front, step down to the right foot for a right foot back glide, Then I can step forward to a LFO3 into a left spin. I've broken this habit now.