Sunday, January 19, 2020

I Got My Spiral Back!!

What Did My Spiral Use to Be?

 No kidding. It was this bad.

 Where is it now?
This is not me

How Did I lose my Spiral?

I got old?
That's only part of it.
 I relied on my natural flexibility--
and didn't do anything with it.

And I lost it

I do 30 min. of 'beginner stretches' every day  for my hip therapy, but that just keeps the pain away. If I wanted to make spiral progress, I had to get serious.

How did I get my spiral back?

I did 2 months of Krystin Scott's Flexibility Yoga in the following order

Part 1:To start--5 days a week for a month. Just part 1 (plus my other exercises )

 Part 1 + Part 2 in order starting the following month: Both! in order. 5 days a week for another  month. (plus my other exercises)

Part 1 is easy to learn, but it does challenge me more than my usual stuff.

Part 1 + Part 2 : 5 days a week. Not only lengthens the time of the session, but there are some positions in Part 2 that took me several sessions to master. 

My hip is up to hip height.

My coach wants it higher.

Part 3 of the exercises is much tougher. I'm giving the Part1+Part2 combo another month before I try Part 3.
So. Yes, I can get my spirals back!!

Use it or lose it Baby!

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