Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skating At Work

Now that my knee is much improved I've started 'skating at work' again. Okay, I'm not actually 'skating', I'm squeezing some moments of off-Ice training.

a. Spirals practice in the handicapped stall in the bathroom

b. Getting to work 30 minutes before my work day begins to warm up my legs on the stationary bike, then do my first round of therapeutic stretching for the day.

c. Joining two other women at lunch for a 30 minute exercise DVD

d. Doing one foot balancing in the elevator as it goes between floors. Holding that balance while the elevator jolts to a stop takes some skill.

If you decide to do the elevator routine, just remember there's probably a camera in there. Don't do any spirals in a skirt.


  1. I had been exercising during my lunch hour (which usually ends up being 40 minutres) but stopped thanks to some idiots scheduling meetings during that time. Thanks to you, I am back to working out during lunch.

    Sprials with skirts on can lead to some amusing results, even if you practice them in your own office. I totally forgot that I was on the ground floor and had a window behind me...

    As for that video; LOVE the people dancing in the elevator. And that flexible girl... I need to borrow her hips.

    1. ROFL about the ground floor window!

      We're having trouble at my office because we can only find a working DVD player in the small conference room, that is mostly filled with a big table and chairs. We barely fit in there.