Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have a new coach.

She specializes in Basic Skills, although she's taken adults through Moves. I was tempted to give her the blog nickname of Xanboni Jr. but that would be confusing and probably violate a trademark (love your blog Xan). Anyway....I'm at the stage now where I need to relearn my basic skills. I can do a FO3, and a mohawk, but I still have the fear of the 'bad' knee collapsing. Fortunately, my new coach (note to self, must work on blog nickname) went through an injury and had to rebuild her skills, so she has off-ice stuff for me to do to get back my confidence and strength.

We haven't had a lesson yet, but she saw me working on the  skills I still have and she said, "You're not as awful as you think you are."

How awful do I think I am right now?
Like a cow on ice. I don't feel like I belong yet.
Still, I'm improving. Three turns and mohawks away from the boards, solid stroking and crossovers with NO arm waving.  Good posture. Good head position. Back stroking and crosses coming along. Stamina and power--not so good. Still I see progress every freestyle. I'm relearning very fast.

Now, since I didn't really have any funny stories I thought I'd point you to some figure skating humor.

Here, just in the god awful pun level of humor:

And I'm going to point you to the blog of the cartoon strip, "Over The Hedge", which had a wonderful week of figure skating humor. Enjoy!


  1. Like a cow on ice is EXACTLY how I feel. I've been back for about 4 weeks now after 7 months off dealing with a foot injury. I was only as far as working on FS1 when I had to take my "vacation" and the first few times I skated I couldn't do anything, plus I was petrified of falling and I have 20 pounds on me I didn't have before. Ugh. But things are getting better and right now it's just inside 3 turns and bunny hops that scare the crap out of me.

    At least I didn't have to look for a new coach when I got back - just had to kick a friend out of my usual lesson time. Best of luck with your new coach!

    1. I'm glad you came back to skating--I was once off for a year, it's just like relearning from scratch at times, isn't it.