Friday, March 22, 2013

The Great Skate Bag Debate

(The pictures in this post are scramble because of a 'thing' blogger has with tiffs snapped in Mac OS X. Don't have time right now to fix them. I'll do it when furlough starts--stupid Congress.)

Over on another round of "To Zuca or not to Zuca" is going on. This can be quite amusing as some people rant a bit pro or con.

I've decided to shift to the 'pro zuca' camp.

I don't carry one now, but I can see that in the future when I'll 'live' at the rink (do a freestyle, wait until noon public starts and haul my yoga gear plus a change of clothes) I may need one. So I went over to and tried to pick out one I liked. You can custom design your Zuca by matching bag and frame.

Then I decided I had a better idea.

Welcome to a game of Worst Zuca Combination!

First pick a frame. Then pick an insert that clashes.  Give it a name.

Some clashes can violate rules of color combinations. They're 'wrong' and they set your teeth on edge.
The Preppy Traffic Cone
Other combinations are okay in that they don't clash, but bring up awkward thoughts. Perhaps the fact that I'm descended from dairy farmers on one side and butchers on the other, led to this creation:
Slaughterhouse 5
Others match too well. There's not quite enough contrast. Memories of a summer doing ecological measurements in an urban forest brought about the subtle glories of:
Algae Filled Pond
Other combinations send mixed social signals:
Army Bimbo
As to what I would actually pick? Probably the understated combination of Gloss and Gray.

The Lady
As to why get a Zuca? Well, hauling a lot of stuff, in a rink where there's problem seating (such as comps),  or where you have to haul a long distance.

The why not? You hate them to the core of your very being, think they're over priced and have a good solution in a $10 bag from Target.  Or you just don't need one.

I was a person who didn't need one, didn't see the need for them, but as I said, I'm shifting to the 'need one' camp!


  1. Not for me. I carry my skates and gear in an old cloth grocery shopping bag. I have bought a snow boarding boot bag contraption for the summer months when I plan to resume cycling to and from the rink. The boot bag will be easier to wear on my back while on the bike than a Zuca.

  2. I think if you're an adult spending your very own money, you can do whatever your little heart desires (and whatever you think you need) and no one should say boo. On the other hand, if you are a Little Skater Girl whose parents are paying for everything, you should have to earn your first Zuca. And by "earn it," I don't necessarily mean work for the $$. But you should WORK for it: lots of practice, no complaining, a really big investment in seriousness, etc. Skates are a necessity. A fancy bag to carry them in is NOT a necessity until you are a serious skater and have actual reasons besides fashion to need the bag...or until you are a grown up who can make your own choices. I hope you pick a GREAT bag for yourself! :)

  3. I know an adult skater who got a Zuca. Man that thing is heavy! I am already hauling around 3 pairs of skates (with wheels mind, so they are even heavier than ice skates), I don't need the bag to weigh as much or more than my skates do! I worry about dropping it on my foot when I haul it out of the car and breaking a toe or something...

    Also, I feel like the Zuca bags don't fit roller skates as well as ice skates - the extra width from the wheels is a bit of a problem, so that is another reason why I am not on the Zuca bandwagon. I use a Transpack-like backpack bag for my dance skates (and also to carry the books of dance diagrams, tools, and assorted other necessities, like bandages and tape), and a rolling suitcase to carry my figure skates and loop skates. I thought about a Zuca, but it just doesn't have the capacity I need from a skate bag.

    I will admit though - the color combos are fun! Love your "Preppy Traffic Cone" - I was laughing at the ugly. Your Gloss/Grey color combo looks fantastic though - I hope you enjoy it!

  4. I am an adult skater and also got a Zuca bag. My only complaint is that it is very heavy so it is hard to get in and out of the car. Otherwise it has been awesome.

  5. I thought about a Zuca bag, then decided the cost was just too much. I did get a Riedell bag and the blades poked through the spaces for the skates. I was able to sew it, but for what I paid, I expected it to last longer before any repairs were necessary. It's your money; enjoy the bag. I'm fond of Slaughterhouse 5 myself.

  6. Yeah-it's interesting how worked up people get on this issue. I say do whatever you want. I kind of like the Algae Pond combo myself although I would now giggle everytime I saw it!

  7. If a Zuca makes you happy, by all means go for it. For me, I'd much rather have a bag with a shoulder strap and keep my hands free while walking. I have, and really like, the LL Bean skating bag. I particularly like that it has a padded divider to separate the two skates, so they're not scuffing each other up in the bag. Plus it's not heavy, reasonably priced, and last year it was available in a lightish-blue and gray combo that you like for your Zuca "The Lady" color scheme.

  8. I played with creating bad color combinations - I most hate Twighlight (royal blue with lighter blue stars) with the orange frame, and Pink Leopard (pink-purple leopard print) with the orange frame.

  9. I like the hands-free approach and use a Baggalinni brand bag. Lots of pockets and room and sturdy to boot, with handles long enough to sling over a shoulder. When you also have to bring two meals with you and a gallon jug of water, the next best thing to a pack mule is anything that allows you free hands

  10. I use a really old non-brand one. However, now that I'm getting $900 skates, it's a shame to use it. Sigh. Hello Zuca.