Saturday, March 30, 2013

Figure Skating Time Machine

Today, Madam Mim wanted me to work on three-turns. Apparently, my return to skating stroking, crossovers, stops, swingrolls, and edges/rolls are adequate. Even my back stroking was improved and that's  my bĂȘte noire.

I'd been practicing some single three turns and felt okay about them, so when she asked for a three turn, I did threes around the circle--successfully.
Of course it makes me dizzy
But in doing my 3 turns, I found I went back to habits from 4 years ago, I stuck my free leg out to the side. You know, a 'paddle turn', for when you're afraid to fall. It took a good ten minutes to fix that.

So, relearning skills is like a time machine. I seem to go back a couple of years in technique, then speed through all the changes I need to bring the skill back in a few minutes.
A week ago I was the guy on the left, now I'm the guy on the right.
Still, lots of stuff to work on. Haven't even started inside 3s. I'd only had them for a short while, might have to relearn tm completely.

"We'll have to work on your power next." Madam Mim said.

No,  Power is deep knee bend and strong push!

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