Thursday, March 14, 2013

Picking a New Figure Skating Coach

So, I've recovered to the point where I'm coachable. Maybe not coachable in the sense of learning new skills, but coachable in the sense of recovering old skills.

I'm fortunate in that I know maybe 12 coaches personally; their strengths, styles, interests, locations, and student preferences. Some coaches are wonderful with kids, but have no interest in teaching adults. Other coaches will take adults, but aren't available for freestyles. (For me personally, that's an important point.) Others will take adults, but are more interested in students with higher skills. Not every coach can teach an adult basic skills. (Trust me on that one.) Individually, these are all wonderful coaches, but I'm looking for a coach who can take an adult with special 'kneeds', and teaches on freestyle.

This brought me down to three coaches of my acquaintance. What do I do next?

Which coach? Which coach?
Well, fortuitously I happened to see one of the coaches talking to one of her students in the booting up area on the bench across from me. I think she was 'firing' her. That sounds harsh doesn't it? It's the only way I can express it. Her student was a little girl of about 8 who wouldn't practice and just like to play around. So the coach and the father were counseling the daughter on how private lessons were a privilege and had to be earned through practice. Looks like there's an opening!

Geeze, I seem like  one of those New Yorkers who peruse the obituaries to find an apartment available for rent don't I?

Anyway, I'll approach the coach on Saturday to see if she has an opening, and see if she's willing to try me out for a couple of months.  Cross fingers I can get started learning again.


  1. I hope you find a coach!

    I am currently coachless, having lost my coach to scheduling issues. I'm not sure if I want a new coach yet or not. It's a lot of money and I don't really have specific goals or a lot of time to practice right now. But it feels weird to have no lessons after so many years of 2 group + 1 private lessons a week.

  2. I'm looking for a new coach, too. Mine got herself a day job and can't coach me in the mornings. I can't go in the late afternoons, when she gets off work. So we're stuck. I asked the figure skating director for help, since I know no one. He gave me a couple names. I guess I have to cold call them now...meh

  3. Hey, this New Yorker did NOT get her apartment by looking at the Obits.

    Hope the new coach works out for you. I hate getting a new coach because you have to get used to their "special ways". Can't wait to hear more! Good knees and good luck!