Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rink Guards Get the Worst Jobs--Happy Easter

1. This is proof that no matter what words you type into google, something will pop up.
2. Inside that suit is a guy planning on how to get revenge on the rink manager.


  1. Two interesting things: 1. except for the monitor there's not a single good skater in sight. 2. Rock center, unlike my rink, is open for business on Easter.

  2. I've been told the ice at Rockefeller Center has
    1. Terrible ice
    2. Is just for tourists.
    Decided to take it off my bucket list.

  3. An ironic thing about that rink is the statue of Prometheus they have in a prominent place--he gave mankind the gift of fire, not ice... I've never skated there either, photos are enough. It sounds like almost every urban outdoor rink I've been to--bad ice and bad ice tourists. Happy Easter!

  4. I've skated at Rock Center since I am a native New Yorker. What can I say? The rink is tiny; two good pushes and it's over - end pf the rink. If you fall, the people watching will clap. If you do a half-way decent ANYTHING, someone will ask if you've been to the Olympics. So, yes, Rock Center is just for tourists. Or for people desperate to get some ice time during lunch.

  5. So, this is just some random skating rabbit, not an employee? Babette, the rink you want on you bucket list id the one at Oberstdorf, figure skating heaven!

  6. It's funny with Rockefeller center skating, save the money. The ice is tiny!! Just go to Bryant park it's cheaper and much bigger. Also if you want to see Rockefeller center just go in the summer. The statue is there and there's an equally overpriced restaurant.