Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink

"You look good in pink," Dance Coach commented on my new skating jacket.

I hear that a lot. Now that pink is in fashion,  as a blonde, I do look good in pink. Other women have made that comment several times in the last week.

I just hate it though. I want to look good in black and be a dangerous femme fatale like Black Widow.

Here's the Black Widow doing the wide step from the Cha-Cha
Forty years too late for that; I have to settle for pink instead and be the sweet little old granma.

As an athlete in a performance sport that crosses over into entertainment, Dance Coach is more conscious of color and style than the other men (lunkhead engineers) I know.

So far I know about Dance Coach:
1. He likes my hair up (Last week he told me he liked my hair in a french braid.)
2. He likes a lot of makeup (Before my test, while I was wearing more makeup than I've worn in 40 years, I asked, 'Too much makeup?' 'More,' he said.)
3. I look good in pink. (True.)

So, for performance reasons I understand his comments. The up-do gives me a nice line on the neck. I'm not particularly swan necked, but it's a nice slender neck. The 'more' makeup is because blondes tend to look washed out on the ice. I've seen video of myself  skating; My face is a little white blob with dark pinpoints for eyes.

And the pink? Well, that heightens the color in my face and keeps it from looking quite so elderly. Always a good move.

So, next test-- hair up, lots of makeup, black test dress.

Puhlease... you didn't think I actually pay attention to everything he says do you?


If this Tony Cohen dress was made as a test dress, I'd wear it


  1. Pink is my favorite color! Is your pink skating jacket something readily available for other adult skaters to purchase? Love that Tony Cohen dress - I'm sure someone could sew a skating dress that looks similar. The skirt would have to be fuller but you could probably get a reasonable replica!

    1. I got the jacket at a B.J.s. It's nothing special. Just pink.