Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Hockey Stick

Coach Amazing gave me a kid's hockey stick to practice with for the ice show during show practice. Her words were, "We'll build you up to a regular stick though."

I ham it up quite a bit 'directing' the zombies in time with the music, slapping the stick onto the ice to cue the next skater to do her bit (so far all girls), and generally try not to fall on the thing. I've been warned not to carry it 'high'. Really that seems the safest place for it.  I don't want it out in front of me where I can fall on it. But carrying high appears to violate some hockey 'safety' rule, so I have to push it around with the blade on the ice while I weave around the show skaters. That terrifies me.

For once I'm allowed to hunch over and skate with a wide stance. No one's yapping at my heels about 'extension' with a russian accent.  The stupid stick though disrupts my balance and arm position. I really feel uncomfortable doing quick turns, even two foot ones unless the thing is carried over my shoulder. Still, I'm at least getting some experience with it. Hope I don't whack someone with it. One of the freestylers strayed into show practice ice while I was looking at Coach Amazing. I could have taken him out in a heart beat if I hadn't heard his skates clatter.

Too bad I still can't do a hockey stop. It's not something that comes up in ice dance.
Thank God.
Small but fierce


  1. Oh, ick, hockey stops. I had to do one to pass Gamma level but I've vowed to never do again!

  2. I also had to do a hockey stop to pass Gamma back when I was 14. This surprised me when I found my old test records a couple of years back, as I have absolutely no recollection of learning it, and wouldn't dare attempt one now!

  3. The little lego man is exactly what I would look like if I were to try to skate hockey.

  4. Hockey stops in dance boots... Icky.

  5. I had a substitute coach in a class once tell me that she often has her kids learning spins practice with a hockey stick in hand to make sure that their arms stay parallel and move with each other. Maybe if you think of the stick as a balance item, it will be easier to move around while holding it?