Monday, May 7, 2012

Ice Dance is not for Sissies

I once heard Dance Coach lay down the law.

The (metaphorical) descendant of Russian soldiers who held off the Nazis in WWII and Napoleon, when Dance Coach is wrathful, it is a mighty wrath. In a voice that would have made Gregory Zhukov proud he tore into a half dozen 20 year old hockey boy slackers who were sitting on the boards and disrupting his lesson. He had told them to get out of the hockey box and off the boards once; when he went back the second time his voice had the bite, force, and threat of a high quality top kick. He would have made an excellent sergeant.

(And this is the same man who complains when I use my command voice to get some kid to wake up and move out of our way.)

There cannot be too much military history and military minutiae in figure skating blogs. Just sayin', you want the twinkly little princess shtick go read another blog. This blog here is for serious grownups who are serious skaters.

This is ice dance--we take no prisoners. SKATE OR DIE!
(Oooh, Nice extension there on the grenade throw. )

Uh, sorry, got carried away there for a moment.

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