Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Power!

So this week's lesson had a lot of power issues in it. I'm old and I'm slow and --shall we say--past my prime?

Dance Coach is in his prime. So let's compare where he is on the power scale, vs where he wants me to be, vs where I am.

Dance Coach Power

Where Dance Coach wants my Power

Where I am



  1. My husband says thay tug boat has more power than you think. Clearly he believes in you! Just turn those engines on :)

    1. Slow but sure. I'm that kind of boat.

      Give a hug to your husband for me!

  2. Possibly Dance coach is confusing speed with torque.

    I have a station wagon car, cargo bike, touring bike and a very strong overlocker (serger). All very good, sturdy and useful. My husband has the turbo Golf and superfast internet connection.
    Both are VERY GOOD FUN.

    Happily we match where it matters ; )

  3. Think of yourself as the Little Engine that Could!