Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Perfect Skate Bag

The perfect skate bag is winging its way to my humble abode.

What makes a bag perfect is a matter of personal discretion. Serious skaters with lots to haul to comps and to the rink everyday started using Zucas. Soon 8 year olds craved Zucas because 'just everyone' (the good skaters) has one. (Maybe there should be a rule 'No zuca til you get your axel')  Other skaters have other needs. Coaches use suitcases.  There's the tote bag contingent. The no bag group. And the Transpackers.

I'm a duffel girl.

But not just any duffel. It has to meet my strict engineering standards. It's a functional object not a fetish.

a. It's a duffel--just the right shape for carrying boots
b. Pockets on each end--to put my protective gear
c. HARD BASEPLATE--to keep the bag from sagging in the middle when I carry it with the boots inside
d. FEET--to keep it off the floor, saves wear and tear on the bottom, and keeps it above wet spots
e. U shaped opening for the middle section--big enough to put skates through
f. No less than 22" long and 11 wide and 11 " tall--that's what my present bag is, so those are minimum dimensions. No bigger than 25" long-it gets too heavy
g. Costs less than $30 (USD)

I can't tell you how many times I trolled eBags, and Zappos, and Amazon.  At one point I was this >< close to buying a Hartman club bag (it was perfect) but it violated rule g.

Anyway, the other day I was trolling around eBags. I don't remember how I found it (unlike Zappos ebags won't let you search on terms like 'duffel feet') but I found the perfect bag!

Voila! The Calpak 22" Hollywood duffel.

 It meets every requirement! I never thought I'd find one which would!

Some nice things: there's a handle on the end for pulling the bag out of overhead bins or the trunk, some extra small zippered utility pockets for small stuff, that wavy ribbon in the front will come in handy for clipping pens and my carabiner clips or hair clips to.

Extra bonus. No interior pockets (they get in the way). Doesn't have one of those stupid shoe pockets either.

Total with shipping: $23.95.

My little bag junky soul is satisfied



  1. I'm a bag lady. I have numerous satchels, shoulder bags, laptop bags and bicycle panniers.

    Fell big time for the Zuca. Finally justified it by saying it would do double duty for my two daughters at their Irish dancing competitions. NEVER get a seat at them. tried one big bag with all their gear. Too heavy, too tricky. Plus, no seats.

    I'm kidding myself though. It is mine, all MINE!

    Enjoy your duffel.

  2. I favor a backpack. I sometimes bike to the rink, so a Zuca or a Duffel wouldn't work.

    I use my old high school backpack, which has gone back to the company once for zipper repair and new straps.

    I love it because it has two "main" compartments. One for stinky skates, the other for all my other crap. Then it has 3 forward pockets, so I have room for my music, money for coaches, a good place for car keys.

    It is pretty amazing how much can go in there.

  3. i love this bag, which i got for $13 on clearance at my local target: http://www.target.com/p/C9-Tote-Bag-Black-Hot-Pink-One-Size/-/A-13325890

    but then, i don't cart a whole lot of stuff with me. just my skates (which are pretty small, as are my feet), guards, towels, skating clothes (leggings, t-shirt, LS tee), gloves, snacks, water bottle, multiple pairs of the cheapo thin socks i wear to skate, camera ... and that might be it. :D