Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Power Redux

So, you've read my whines about my power. The story now gets more complex.

I went skating with some ice dance couples I haven't seen since the Big Reunion. I didn't have a chance to skate with them then because I was in lesson. Annoyingly, no one commented on my skating, just 'Your coach is handsome' comments from all of the women and one of the husbands. A couple of days ago, was my first chance to skate with them on ice in a year.

So, I'm stroking around the rink with one of the women, Pre-silver dance, who I've always had trouble keeping up with. We're so deep in conversation that it's not until I get off the ice that I realized I'd been able to keep up. Not only just keep up, but skate on the outside of the curves and keep up without thinking about it.

I do have POWER! (Maybe)

I need to stop comparing myself to Dance Coach. He just keeps skating faster to get me to skate faster. I can never catch up with a guy 30 years younger. If I compare myself to him, it's not fair.

I need an outside reference point. How slow can speed guns detect?

" She's not as slow as last week"

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