Thursday, October 17, 2013

When I'm the Tallest Skater on the Ice

There I am, at 5'2" towering over everyone. That's a good feeling. It doesn't happen often

Then it sinks in how I must look to all the young skaters

Meh, I feel better though knowing that if I of them will break my fall.



  1. I'd never thought about it, but I'm probably the oldest skater on the ice most of the time at my rink. Instead, having a healthy ego, I look around and try to see which skater is the best one currently on the ice. If I'm early at a session, sometimes that's me! Doesn't last too long but fun while it does.

  2. I used to think *I* was the oldest skater at my rink, but there's a woman in her 70's who skates every day and did a program for her 50th wedding anniversary (held at the rink).
    PS CHeck the blog roll --

    1. Very cool to be included in your list. Thanks!