Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finally, Back on the Ice

I made it to the rink today, and for the first time since the end of August I skated.
Back on the Ice!
For 30 minutes.

Yeah, when you're old, you lose your skills and muscles faster than when you're young. Another reminder that I'm another day closer to death....woohoo.

On the other hand, I'm off to skate again tomorrow unless the government un-shutsdown. I hope to make 45 minutes!

For the first 10 minutes my blades were all over the place but I quickly got back my stroking skills and just did some lap skating. Then I was able to do some russian stroking for a few times. I did a lap of the rink backwards, and then I.was.done.
Couldn't wait to get my boots off

Probably a couple of weeks of lap skating and I'll be back to the level I was before.


  1. I feel your pain. My PT only let me skate for 10 minutes the first time I got back on the ice after 7 months off due to unjury. I skated like a baby giraffe. Seven months later my left inside 3 turns look like crap.....but I did pass my first 2 preliminary dances last month.

    My husband is an IRS employee and he's spent the last 2 days playing computer games. Ugh.

    1. That's an important thing I learned from Physical Therapy; don't push myself the first time back after an injury.

  2. hell, I took a week off, and my body was like wha? the hell?

  3. Yay! Awesome that you're back on the ice!