Thursday, October 3, 2013

Types of Group Numbers for the Holiday Show

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat, time for the rink to do a skating show with hats.

Honestly, I always see a lot of hats at Christmas  Winter Solstice  Snowy Holiday  Winterval   Festivus Saturnalia  okay, at the rink show in December.

Also, Hats rhymes with fat, so call me doggerel lazy.

Anyway, I went skating today (45 minutes! 2 1/2 laps backwards!) and saw people out working on their programs with 3 foot long candy canes and decided to present a universal Holiday Show on Ice!

The Coaches Group Number
The Group number of a bunch of weak skaters and a star skater

The Group Number with the best costumes

The Basic Skills 1 class...
They get the biggest round of applause....
But the adults steal the show with a classic Adult Swizzle Train Number
Adults know how to shake it baby!

Also, adults know how to 'shake it' after the show too!


  1. Your December skating show sounds much more interesting than my rink's. They don't allow adults at all, but want us to give our time AND money. I could do that swizzle train number!

  2. This had my rink's show directors in stitches as it's so true. You really ought to do a piece about the politics of skating show groups.