Sunday, October 6, 2013

Public Skating Bench Hogs

We had a couple of days where it was in the 60's and I thought, "Ooooh, winter is coming. Time to break out my good coat."

Really, it's only 15 feet to the door to the rink.. I don't need a coat.
But I look good.......

And the bad part about winter is ice tourist bench hogs. You know them, people  who walk in the rink with coats suitable for a trip to the North Pole, which they take off inside the door,  then dump on the benches while they go to purchase a ticket and get rental skates.

Which takes 20 minutes. They're always surprised their stuff is jammed under the benches when they get back and every spot is taken by someone putting on their skates.

Or, the bench hog with their own skates who sees me alone on a bench, poised at one end, who then comes, opens up her skate bag and begins to spread out every article of clothing, skate accessory, skates, soakers whatever, in a semicircle 10 feet in diameter.

I"M The only person in the booting up area. WHY DOES THIS PERSON SIT NEXT TO ME!

Yeah, not too thrilled with the adults who take up space in the booting up area reading their kindles. Look, if you're so worried about your kid that you have to sit right next to the rink door so no one can kidnap them, go sit on the bleachers and WATCH YOUR KID SKATE or find someplace else to sit, or learn to skate and get out there.  Stop acting like taking your kid to skate is some kind of obligation you hate doing.

This is a cute bench hog.
Maybe this will get the human ones to move
someplace else.


  1. Thankfully, the new rink I'm skating at has a locker room for the actual figure skaters. The LTS folks use the benches in the lobby. Until I was told I could use the locker room, I had this problem regularly. All the moms sitting around, taking up bench space, when they could be on the bleachers watching their kid skate. But no, it's too cold by the rink. They gotta hog the lobby area.

    1. Oooh, lockers. Sounds nice. But we have lockers at work and the locker hogs camped out there and left their stuff there (supposed to clean it out at the end of the day).