Monday, October 14, 2013

Lap Skating Revisited

Back in July after my recovery from my knee problem, I wrote about lap skating.  I know what you're thinking:
(Is she going on about this again?)
So, I'll cut to the chase--it works, and it doesn't take a lot of time. It takes months for me to build my upper body strength, but I can see a difference in my skating from day to day.

Due to my enforced vacation *cough* furlough *cough*, I skated every other day. I started out only able to do 30 minutes on the first day two weeks ago, and after a week, I was able to do an hour plus with stamina and control. (My feet stopped hurting too.) My speed also went back to its old value and my edges improved. I developed a lot more confidence and stamina in my back skating (two consecutive laps today! I could have done more.)

It was boring at the beginning because I hadn't discovered my secret weapon: bluetooth headphones.
Yeah, I know, most rinks ban headphones on ice. But, I only use one earplug and I'm careful to be alert as I go around the rink so I'm always looking for traffic. Also, since these headphones don't have a long cord flapping around they don't attract attention. I start out with slow rhythmic music then alternate fast with slow songs for the hour. The time just flies by with Kanye West and some English Club Music (weren't expecting that were you?)

As I built up my stamina and leg strength, I restarted my turns, edges and spins. They're actually better than before. Speed has not got any better than my old speed. Sadly, I'm just a little too 'fluffy' to get the speed up to something suitable for jumps.
So, since I can't improve my power any further, due to my 'fluffiness', I finally have to come to grips with my weight. I'm back 'on Plan' with Weight Watchers. Right. At Halloween. Good planning.....sigh.
None of this for me, this year...
I'm a figure skater!
(With all the issues that entails)
If I write about it, I'll keep myself on track. In the next week I'll start another blog about my diet and off ice fitness. I'm searching for a title now.

You all have fun this week, see you soon!

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  1. I couldn't figure out how lap skating (which I read as lap dancing) would help with speed and strength. Sounds like a great idea. I am now off to get some water to clear my apparently fuzzy head.