Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mohawk Turn Resurrection

Despite all the things I've done to get 'lesson ready' again, I've lost the ability to do my counter clockwise mohawks. During my lesson, Miss Bianca takes me to her mohawk teaching set up left from her previous lesson with Amy the 8 year old. She's drawn a mohawk on the ice:
"This is your mohawk," Miss Bianca says.
Miss Bianca then points at a smiley face 10 feet away.
Miss Bianca says, "This is Amy's Friend."
"As you do the turn, you're going to get your foot in the correct position, then wave at Amy's Friend," she says, "So you'll stop waving your right arm around." (I have arm waving disease.)

Let's call Amy's Friend....Craig.  Here's my mohawk.

Well, at least my arms are in the right position now.


  1. I hate counter clockwise mohawks.

  2. For me clockwise mohawks kick rocks. Can't wait to try your "wave at Craig" tip. Any suggestions for outside mohawks? Do you think waving at Craig will help?

  3. My one natural talent...I got some serious open turnout in my hips. Mohawks are easy peasy. Except backward insides. These tend to scare me a bit so I slow down. I work on these as part of my warm up. Lots of back crossovers on the hockey circle to build up some speed and then force myself not to slow down (too much) while doing the back inside mohawk. The hockey circle helps prevent me from stepping onto my outside edge and thus choctawing. Is that a word? It is now. I just made choctaw a verb.