Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Things I Wish I Could Say: The Interrupted lesson

When someone comes up to talk to my coach when I'm in lesson. What I want to do:

Phase 1: The polite approach to getting them to leave

Phase 2:  The not so polite approach

Phase 3: The 'nobody crosses me twice' approach

(This picture is so wrong. Everyone knows the
Mitsubishi A6M had under fuselage
gun mounts.)


  1. Just send the interrupter the bill for that lesson.

  2. It is the worst when they don't even have something important to say! There was one time I just had to skate off to keep my eyeballs from rolling out of my head...

  3. When I first started skating freestyles, there was a kid and his mother (who also skated) who used to have conversations with my former coach during my lessons. It went on for about a month and I used to throw daggers with my eyes. One day, I stopped, went home, printed out a bill and had it ready for the next time. Sure enough mother and child interrupted my 15 minute (yes, 15 minute) lesson, so I handed mother the bill. When I explained why I was handing her a bill and asked how she would feel if that was her son's lesson, she got the message. More surprising, she paid the bill. I never had a problem with them again. Sometimes, you just have to do the most drastic thing you can imagine.

    And I LOVE the gifs!!!!

    1. What was your coach doing in all this?

    2. Can you believe she was chatting away with the mother and the kid. Her theory was the kid MIGHT be going to Nationals one day and the mother was paying the coach. She is my former coach...

  4. It's just so unbelievably rude and unnecessary. Whatever you have to say to my coach can wait, or you can call/text her later. Rage.