Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Bye Adult 4. Hello Adult 6.

A week ago (probably) USFSA Adult Skating program had 4 levels.

As of Friday (2 Aug) it has 6!

Now for my Teeming Thousands Hundreds Tens, here is the NEW ADULT USFSA LTS PROGRAM (Thanks to Cush on skating for pointing this out.)

As far as I know, this has not been released to skating directors (it's not listed in the LTS manual or any of the newsletters).  You heard it here first! (Unless you're following the discussion on skatingforums)

The program looks like Basic 8 skills, with the jumps and spins removed but ice dance elements (swing rolls and chasse's) added.

Feel free to annoy your skating director with questions. If you get intel on its implementation, post it in the comments.

Skating Director: "What? I have to change our LTS program?
FOR ADULTS! Nooooooooooooo!"

PS. I'm sure this has been years in the planning, but I've found no one who knows anything about it. It looks like it may be an early release by the web master.

PPS. Hockey Learn To Play is changing to.


  1. Looks good. I never liked the 4 adult levels. Wish they would put optional jumps into the adult curriculum; this seems to solidify in many coaches eyes that adults can't/shouldn't jump.

    Now I just get to hope they add pre-silver MITF down the road...

    1. My home rink just blows off the Adult Curriculum and teaches Basic 8. You'd be surprised at how many adults are in Freestyle.

      Now that hundreds of adults show up for adult nationals, you'd think USFSA would tell skating directors to use the kids curriculum and tell directors that the jumps are optional for adults since there are always those with a yen for ice dance.

  2. I thought that I was losing it. I saw 6 levels and always thought there were 4. Thank you for affirming I'm not going crazy, at least about this.

    Actually, the 6 adult levels have been out there on the web longer than Aug 2. I was browsing it like a month ago and saw them.

  3. Glad you mention as i though i was going crazy as well. I've been using the 4 as a skills practice checklist and went to print out a new copy - surprise - now a 6! Showed my coach and she thought i made it up.

    My home rink is an ISI rink and they have no qualms about teaching adult jumps. Everyone gets very excited when an adult graduates to freestyle :)

  4. Since I'm at an ISI rink I was completely unaware that USFSA had an "adult" levels program of 4 levels let alone 6. No jumps beyond an optional Bunny Hop? Who Knew!? I printed the thing out--I might be able to pass some of these instead of being stuck at the nexus of Delta and FS-1.

  5. That's great! A bunch of us have been taking Adult 4 numerous times because the Adult FS class is so intimidating because everyone in it is already leaping and spinning like crazy. Even though our teacher has been teaching things not on the curriculum, it will be nice to have actual levels.

  6. The PDF at US Figure Skating changed sometime between July 7 and around July 17. I just started the Adult LTS series and had downloaded the 4 level sheet on July 7. I went back later the next week and all of a sudden it was 6 levels, but the header paragraph still refers to 4 levels. I start Adult 2 after Labor Day and it will be interesting which set the instructor uses.

    1. I heard from a coach at a rink near me, and she just got whatever the coaches get for basic skills. The change is coming at her rink, but no exact date yet.