Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Miss Bianca wants me to learn lunges.

Yeah, the foot dragging element that requires an elderly lady to deeply bend one knee and rise up from the ice on the same knee.

Pffffttt! Easy when you're 6, hard when you're 60+.

Apparently, I'm supposed to practice stretches every night because "it's a cute little element".


So, obviously, I need a coach. I pick.....Jeremy Renner.

Ready, set, go!

Start with Support

'U so 'dorable.
(ooops, too old for that thought)
No Support!
How I look now!


  1. If I can do it (age 63, 25 extra pounds), you can do it ! Work on those thigh muscles so you can get back up again with some of your dignity intact.

  2. *snort* My coach asked me to do one a few weeks ago. I'm all, I haven't done a skating lunge in nearly 20 years. Unphased she says, let's just see it. I did it and was able to get back up, but it was rough. So she says, "great, this will be a regular thing, now that I know you can do it."

  3. When I began skating, I couldn't do a lunge. Now, years later, I STILL can't do a lunge. My body just doesn't do that. It falls into a list of things I don't do: bunny hops, shoot the ducks, ballet jumps, outside pivots, back flips. Okay, so I've never been asked to do a back flip, but I added it just in case.

  4. I can do them, I'm 65 and change. Do note, the skater's lunge is more difficult than what your diagram shows. The leading foot is on skates! Thus about 2" higher.
    A better stretch ;)

  5. When I get to this point in my skating skills I hope to be able to do a lunge on skates. My physical therapist has me working on them on a Bosu ball. However when I described a "shoot the duck" she commented that at my point in life you have to accept that there are some things you just can't do.