Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mid-Day Public Skate

Public skate is for the public.  People who have skating skills need to be courteous and pleasant to the ice tourists. If it wasn't for them, public would end up being some hockey team's mid-day stick and puck.

But I still have feelings......hidden feelings...deeply suppressed.....I just wish the public wasn't there.

When I get on the ice, I feel like this:

 After 15 minutes

After 30 minutes

At 45 minutes

At 60 Minutes!

On the outside I'm like this the whole time:

Skate Nice, Y'all!


  1. I hear you!!! Many of the rinks I frequent don't even have public sessions. Just the odd freestyle and of course:HOCKEY.


  2. I'll be braving a few publics next week. My usual freestyles are preempted by the synchronized team. The nerve! They have some camp or something, so it's only for the week. I would LOVE to be on a team, but this is only for kids. boo!

  3. Our daytime public skates are largely empty especially once school starts so I usually practice on those. It usually goes well but I've had a couple of interactions with homeschool groups where they just didn't want to leave me alone/acted like I would start instructing them. And every now and then a school group is booked on the public session-if I see the buses I tend to leave!