Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Christmas Program

Miss Bianca is determined that I do a Christmas program. Why she wants to torture a poor audience filled with parents and children, I have no Idea.

"What song?" I asked.

"Shimmy Like My Sister Kate."

The woman is clearly insane. I'm an exuberant older woman who's willing to go places of bad taste that is clearly inappropriate for an under 18 audience.

"I have no skills." I say, but I'm sure she intends to choreograph something. I can see it now.

I stroke in as fast as I can.

Start with a shimmy
A two foot spin

Some back skating

A little backend work.

Then I do some foot work
Some final shoulder work

And a nice ending
Well, old performer that I am, I know what it will take for this program to work. "So," I say to Miss Bianca, "Can I have a costume with Double L cups?"


  1. omg omg I reallly want to see this program. you crack me up :P

  2. Just started reading this blog, very fun and funny! So often I feel the same way - like when the loud rock station is playing while I'm on the ice to rehearse something (!*&^%). Glad to have found it!
    Your little videos are fun but distracting