Friday, August 2, 2013

Skating Costs

Yesterday I picked up my car from the shop and Charlie, the desk clerk said, "You dive  a lot? Cause most people only put 12 thousand miles a year on their car, and you put twenty-five."

Stupid figure skating addiction.

Eighteen dollars an hour for freestyle.

Twenty-five dollars a lesson.

USFSA membership.

$7 per public session.

Lake Placid....$275 for ice time..$50 for registration....$100 gas money....$350 for a place to stay.....$$$$$ for lessons.....$$$ tchotchkes.

The  fantasy that someday I can do this.



  1. Yep, this ain't a cheap hobby. Ice time for me is $10 for freestyle, $7 for public. It's about a 45 mile round trip to the rink. 3-4x a week. Private lessons are $33 for a half hour. I do not, however, pay for a USFSA membership.

    My budget for skating is in the hundreds, per month. Yep, ain't cheap.

  2. Hmm. I've got a sixty-mile round-trip at California gas prices. $8 or so for public. $84/hour for lesson once a week. USFSA membership. Test fees. Off-ice conditioning five times a week $70 and Acupuncture $75 once a week to be physically able to skate in the first place. Sharpening every 32-40hrs $25. Orthotics to accommodate a heel spur. Holy crap, it just better that I stop now before I start adding it all up...

  3. I hear ya sista! For me, only $7.00 for 45 minutes of freestyle ice. $44 for half hour lesson once a week. $7.50 per 2-hour session of public skating. Fortunately, the rink is on the way to work so I don't use any extra gas going to freestyle on the weekdays. And even on weekend public, it's only about a 20- to 30-minute drive one way. But then there's the skates and blades, sharpening, and skating clothes. It certainly does add up...but too late to turn back now, I'm addicted!

  4. I shoulda bought a Prius. I calculated my expenses with 12K a year mileage. With 12K, the extra expense of a Prius wasn't worth it. With 25K, I would be better off with one, even if the Prius cost 3k more than my Corolla.