Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Things I Wish I Could Say. 3 Wimpy Adults

I should carry Learn to Skate brochures with me for the number of times adults (and kids) have approached me in a public session while I'm lap skating or just tooling around in the center.

If they ask me for tips the most I'll say is "bend your knees." But then I say:

"The rink has a Learn to Skate program. It's very inexpensive."

And you know something, the adults invariably say some variation of this:

"Oh, I couldn't learn to skate."

What I want to say is:


  1. *SNORT* That would be awesome if you said that. Or just silently hand them the brochure, not saying a word.

    I went to a public recently, hadn't been in years and years. And it wasn't long before someone was asking me how to stop. umm, it's a bit more complicated than a one or two word answer. But I did my best to show her a plow stop.

  2. It's true. You always find people on publics who are interested in learning more and yet they shut down when you mention the rink learn to skate classes, as if those couldn't possibly be how one would learn to skate. I'd like to ask, "Do you think I learned this by magic?"