Friday, October 19, 2012

USFSA's "Advanced Alternating Back Crossovers"

In an earlier post, I mentioned 'advanced alternating back crossovers'. I used this to describe the alternate back crossovers with two foot transition displayed in the Adult 4 Basic Skills iPhone app. There are two levels in the video, beginner and advanced.

In the beginner's version of alternating back crossovers, the skater in the video does a back cross, then brings her two feet together then does a back crossover in the other direction. The skater goes down the rink in this fashion.

In the advanced version of alternating back crossovers on the video, the 'power push' becomes involved (that's what it says on the title card).  The skater does a back crossover, steps obliquely back into the circle after the cross,which separates the feet, then shifts her weight in the opposite direction, and with the feet separated begins a back cross in the alternate direction. Yeah, you gotta see the video.

This video shows the scissor like action that must be what MommyTime and Q were describing in yesterday's comments. If this is so, then I can do that 'power push' on one side. I'm just not feeling it the way it looks, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing it.

So thanks for the question from Anonymous, and the tips from MommyTime and Q.

Tomorrow we return to our regularly scheduled pictures of cats.

Or puppies.

With occasional skating stuff in between.

Don't cry, she'll be back to doing funny tomorrow.
She just has to get this out of her system.


  1. YES! I'm sure the video you describe is what we're talking about. You can do this underpush in consecutive crossovers too, to increase your power and speed across the rink. I always find videos to be the most helpful teaching tools. I hope this helps you. :)

  2. The alternating crossovers you describe are the first skill required in the second (Bronze) Moves in the Field Test for Adults. The skill begins with alternating forward crossovers down the first side of the rink, then you transition to backwards with an inside Mohawk into the back crossovers with power push down the other side of the rink.