Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Merry Xmas to Your Skater 2012

Yes, it's early.  I just thought that some things might need to be ordered, so I'm giving you plenty of time to order.

Rink Tote--If your skater is on freestyle a great deal, then you might consider getting him or her a bag to carry CDs, tissues, water or a few odds and ends. If your skater is a young girl then you could consider a Kiss and Cry Bag. These run $40, but you can go to JoAnns or Walmart, or Target and find a bag of similar size but without the fancy materials. These are considerably cheaper. Just look for a 'craft tote'. I've seen one adult woman with one and a couple of young girls as well.

For adults (male or female), may I suggest a travel organizer, AKA a hang up toiletry bag? I've seen coaches with these, they just hang them on the glass by the hook. Brilliant! You can find these in several designs and sizes at lots of online retailers.
Travel Organizer
What to get young boys? Hmm, I've seen one with a black craft tote, but you're on your own with boys. What about a small canvas tool bag? 

ROCKERZ--I've seen these 'in the wild' at several rinks. Custom made blade guards that you can select in many color combinations. Suitable for both adults or kid skaters, men or women.You have to know the blade and size of the blade.

FREESTYLE OR PUBLIC SKATE CARDS--every one loves a gift of ice time. This is the gift that knows no gender or age.

JACKET OR VEST--Another gift that knows no gender or age, but you do need to know size and color preferences. I like a jacket or a vest with zippered pockets. Although freestyle sessions tend not to have theft problems, it's useful for an adult skater to have someplace secure to keep a credit card, cash or car key especially when skating on publics.  Thin vests with zippered pockets (not the down padded ones) are more flexible as the skater can wear the vest over or under a jacket.  If the skater gets hot enough to take off the jacket, the vest can still be worn.

Pocket Plus--But suppose you don't have clothing size information? What can you give a skater who needs a pocket while they skate? It's the Pocket Plus. As they say, "No Pocket, No Problem." A video on how it works is here. I regularly use a small one when I'm skating in a jacket without zippered pockets. Inexpensive enough as a stocking stuffer, but worth its weight in gold if you skate a lot of public sessions.

Do you have a skater who likes skating history? This book is really an adult level gift, and it's wonderful.
Figure skating: A History Buy it at the World Figure Skating Museum online store for  $8.50 vice on Amazon for $35+

So that's this year's skating present list for all of you.

(Good luck to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. Not much happening around my area except some light rain and cold. We were completely bypassed--this year.)

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