Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Coach Poker--See, Raise, Fold

"Do a forward outside 3," Dance Coach said.

I did a perfectly respectable one with extended leg to a landing position.

And now begins a game of Coach Poker.

Dance Coach raises me a power 3.

I see him, then raise him doing three of them in a row--and then in the other direction. Scooorrre!

Dance Coach shuffles the metaphorical deck and has me do back crosses. I see him and raise him by doing crosses alternating between clockwise and counter clockwise.

Dance Coach raises one eyebrow, sees me, and raises me back progressives.

I see him with good edges and arm position.

I'm ahead. The chips are all in my pot.

Dance Coach starts a new hand. He opens with 5 step mohawk. I see him and raise him with good extension. He sees me, and raises the stakes.

"Inside 3 turn."

%*$@!  I fold.
In the end Dance Coach holds all the good cards


  1. I read this title and imagined you poking your coach. It took me awhile to figure out where the one upmanship was getting, until I finally realized the analogy you were going for. haha.

    My coach always wins at coach poker too. They always have an ace up their sleeve.