Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Little Old Lady Way--On Ice

About the time I passed 60, I started calling everyone 'hon', 'dear', or 'sweetie'. It's like an announcement was made in my head:

"You are an old lady now. Have Fun with It."

It's wonderful being 'aged'.

Today, a boy skater (16), I'll call 'Youngling', came up to me and Miss Cheerleader. He was today's rink guard; the three of us all take from Dance Coach.  "Does my hair look okay?" he asked us. It stuck out everywhere. What do I know? Is that popular now? I looked at him critically, "Youngling, I'm old enough to be your grandmother, You.Look.Adorable." Miss Cheerleader hooted, as we both know how sulky teenage boys can be when you say stuff like that. I expected an eye-roll. But Youngling just grinned. You see, when you're a Little Old Lady, they don't mind.

When I got on the ice, Dance Coach was his usual, "Move faster. Push Harder. More Extension!"

I should just record Dance Coach for motivation
Move Faster! More Extension! Push Harder!
I was pushing, moving, extending past ice tourists -- technically within inches of people as I'm faster than all but the annoying wannabe hockey boys-- I was all "Sorry hon." or "Sweetie, you're fine." or "Did I scare you dear?"

This drives Dance Coach Batty!

"When did you get so chatty....and nice? You used to be loud and 'everybody move out of my way, now!' You're not the same person."
Old Me
"Get off my ice! You crazy kids!"

New Me: "Dahlink, you are zo Vunderful"

Well, of course my skills have become 100X better. I'm not afraid of falling and breaking something as I was when I was fresh out of broken ankle recovery, and I'm about 50 times more confident than two years ago. I no longer flinch when I pass close to someone.

Thanks to Dance Coach, Cruella, Amazing and Moves Coach for building my skills. I'm not a hopeless case after all.

Just one thing's missing.

So true, so true.
Other than that, being 60 is a lot of fun!

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