Monday, October 8, 2012

Oddball Useful Things

I skate on public more than Freestyle, so I have some accessory needs that perhaps Freestyle skaters don't need. So today, I'm going to cover stuff that's very useful

1. Pocket Plus
I don't feel safe leaving money or keys in my skate bag, even if they're hidden. I lock my purse in my car, but I do need somethings on me. I came across a Pocket Plus in a Hallmark, and it's been very useful. It doesn't look like much. It's a sturdy, velcro sealable pouch, with a long tab at the top. The tab has a magnet in it at the end that clicks to a magnet sewn in the pouch. I like to carry cash and keys in it (not credit cards or other cards with magenetized stripes). The pouch can be worn at the waistband, with the tab inside your clothes. The two magnets cling to each other through your clothes. It's very secure. I've never had one move.

I prefer to wear it in a pocket in a jacket. The pouch is inside the pocket, and the tab on the outside.  This means I don't have to find jackets with zippered pockets and can just wear whatever jacket comes to hand. It comes in several sizes and colors. I use the small, 3.5x5.5 inches.
Small Pocket Plus
I know some people won't carry keys on them for fear they'll dig in if the person falls. I personally have never had this problem since the key is in the pouch in a jacket pocket---not the pants pocket. The pocket plus holds the keys flat to the body and is very sturdily built.

2.  Slap Watch
Remember these? The bastard son of the 1990's slap bracelet? It's a slap bracelet with a watch on it. I like it because I can wear it over the sleeve of my jacket. Not all the rinks I skate at have the clock on the scoreboard, or I may just want to time myself skating an exercise. I bought one for $10. It fits over my jacket, or over my wrist guards. In particular, I like the ones with the analog face with a second hand to time myself in laps.
Slap Watch

3. Clear Plastic Box or a Baggie
I have a small waterproof plastic box that came as a freebie  with something I bought (I've seen ones like it in dollar stores or Five and Below). It's been very useful. In it I keep all the stuff that I don't want to get wet or lost: my cards for the various rinks, a pen,  my gummi stone, or a place to store a couple of bucks or just any small thing that would get lost in the depths of the bag. If I didn't have that, I'd go back to using a baggie or zip-loc bag. I've also used a heavy plastic travel bag that's sold to meet TSA requirements. I like the box better.

4. Iron on jeans patches
I iron these on the inner palms of my gloves so my wrist guards don't wear a hole in the gloves prematurely.

So, there are some of the odd ball things I use when I skate. The Pocket Plus is really useful on public skate, the watch helps me with keeping track of my timed exercises, and the bag/box helps me keep stuff together. Nothing spectacular, just some helpful hints.

I'd be interested in seeing what you have in the way of stuff that keeps you organized.


  1. I leave my wallet in my car. I have an account card with the rink. And my key is just a fob (I have keyless ignition start on my car).

    The fact that you have more than one rink available to you has me jelly.

  2. Pocket plus is a great idea! Maybe I'll make one myself.

    I don't carry anything on ice except for locker key, which gets pinned under the boot cover (lol) or into zippered pocket. The valuables including keys and phone go into a small make up bag then into the locker for peace of mind.