Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Test Hair

Testing is a nightmare. Not only do you have to worry about skating you have to worry about your hair. And I have the classic baby fine blonde hair with all the body of a well cooked noodle. It just hangs there, and escapes from just about any barrette, pin, ribbon or headband. I've tried bun doughnut that's supposed to be a net form for you to arrange your hair over. Said baby fine hair just won't cover the form. You can see right through the hair to the doughnut underneath. Even if I hot roller my hair, use a can of spray, and enough gel to decorate the set of Aliens, by the end of the five minute warmup, my hair is straight and floppy.

I finally found a way to keep my hair neat in tests. I wear a hair scrunchie.  These also go by the name pony tie, circle wiglet, hair wrap, and pony fastener.

Hair scrunchie
I started with a cheap one from Ulta, but I just bought a nicer one from a wig shop. We'll see how that goes and if it's worth the money. Anyway, I've seen some decent ones for $10 or less, so they're cheap enough for an experiment.

They're dead easy to use. Pull your hair back into some kind of ponytail, bun, or doubled over pony (depending on the length of your hair) and plop the scrunchie over it.

When I wear this for work I just use bobby pins to keep it in place. But for skating, I use Goody hair screws called a Spin Pin. Trust me those things are never coming out. And if perchance they do, they're easy to see on the ice.
Goody Spin Pins
How to Use

Maybe you want something more elegant than a fluffy/spiky set to your hair. I find the scrunchie useful for that too. I just plop a hairnet over the scrunchie before I put the pins in, and tug the whole kit and caboodle into something that looks like a bun. Then I screw the pins in.

Total time, 5 minutes.

And now for the obligatory cat picture. A cat in a bun.

"Coach, what do you mean this isn't the kind of
bun you wanted me to wear?"


  1. Another option for dealing with fine hair is the short haircut - if you can find a style that flatters you. I think Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina looked fabulous: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_C8e0UzLBRTA/TVK4in9FezI/AAAAAAAABmk/z0ACcwpit1Y/s320/audrey-hepburn.jpg

  2. I love the cat picture! I think my cats are too big to try that out - and I value my life, so I guess I won't try. I too have that baby-fine, thin, not much of, hair. I use the bun doughnut but my hair is long enough that I can divide the ponytail in two pieces, and then wrap each piece twice around the doughnut. Carefully tuck under the ends, then the hardest part - using my fingers to carefully push the hair out around the doughnut so the entire surface eventually gets covered without untucking the ends. I can secure it with as few as 4 bobby pins. Sometimes the very bottom still shows through but I don't think anyone can see that unless they're up close and really looking. If I couldn't wrap the hair around twice, I'd have half the doughnut uncovered. I love the bun scrunchy and might have to get one! It's pretty hard doing the bun doughnut by yourself. Thank you for sharing this idea. I definitely got the bad hair in my family...

  3. Those spiral things look lethal! How do you remove them? Do they work on someone with lots of thick hair?

    Cheers !

    1. To remove them you just twist them in the opposite direction. Don't pull on them.They're just like screws. They unscrew from your hair

  4. I have the opposite problem--more thick, fluffy hair than should be on one head. When it is newly-washed and blown-dry, it looks like a hothouse hydrangea flower. If I don't blow-dry it, I end up with disco-era Diana Ross hair. Getting it coiled into a bun requires two ponytail holders, a twist so tight you would think it was a wrung-out towel, and several days of being unwashed. Not to mention an array of bobby pins to hopefully prevent the whole thing from springing up like a baking loaf of bread.

    1. You may find Goody's updo pin useful. It's good for people with your kind of hair.

  5. I've never seen a "spin pin" before, Thanks! *gathers purse to go shopping*!