Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Hand of Coach Poker--I Fold Early

"Now, we work on three turns." Dance Coach says.

I do a FO3, and then because I feel good, I do another and another, and more until I've done a circle of them and end up standing in front of Dance Coach.

I've never done threes around the circle before.

We've never even discussed them before.

Still, when I stop in front of Dance Coach I'm not surprised that he has no expression. He's got his Russian coach poker face on. He says:
"Do again, you stepped wide."

So, I do them again. This time with, I swear, nothing wrong in them I can think of. Arms. Good. Size. Good. Flow. Good. Turn forward. Good.

I come to a stop in front of Dance coach.

"Your head was in the wrong position," he says.


  1. We have a relatively new Russian coach at our rink. I hear him on the ice. You can't NOT hear him. Shouting at the little girls, PUSH PUSH PUSH in his accent. I like my coach. She's a young, elem school teacher, very good with patience. She tells me what I do right as well as what I do wrong. My fragile little ego needs to be told I'm at least doing SOMEthing right.

    1. He gives me high fives, but only if it's stuff we've been working on, never if it's something I've picked up on my own.