Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Waltz 8

The Waltz 8 is a bastard child of a 3 turn and a Forward outside 8, with a dash of genetically engineered back mohawk (a step forward).

I broke my ankle doing a Watlz 8 in June of 2009. We didn't speak to each other for over 3 years, but we finally made up today.

A waltz 8 is supposed to look like this:

But three years later, starting again, I'm afraid my waltz 8's will look like this!

                       Left side                               Right side.

To my surprise, Mr. Frowny Face say's the ones I actually do are fixable. They aren't passable yet, but I can do them, and there's much yapping about checks, and legs, and arms. Typical.  (Okay, they don't look like the picture above; I actually have too much power in the push. They come out egg shaped! A Waltz egg-ate!)

He flips through the pre-Bronze and Bronze test material and agrees that except for Waltz 8, my mohawks at speed,  and back inside edges, everything is passable or near passable. Then he says, "What about the spiral?"

"I'll give it a try," I say, do a crossover to build up some speed and stick my right leg in the air. I can hear Dance Coach whoop from across the rink. Well, that's one down. The other one is a couple of practices away from passable.

So some time in early 2013, I test Moves.

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