Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Really Crowded Open Freestyle

1. 25 skaters on Open Freestyle plus 6 or 7 coaches
2. Moves, Dance, Programs all going on

What Needs to Happen to Skaters Standing in the Dance Pattern While the Dance Music is Playing and The Dancers are skating in Hold

What Needs to Happen to the Skater in Program Who won't wear the Vest--Especially
Since there are 4 other people in the center making dramatic poses at the same time

What I'm afraid will happen to me--the slowest skater on freestyle 

I finally got off the ice and in the lobby I ran into the guy  who's got double lutzes. "Are you taking a break?" I asked.

"Too Many people," he said.

 If there's too many people for him? What about me?!

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