Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Testing: With You In Spirit

My rink had testing today.

My rink also has full motion video of the ice posted to the internet

I watched from work...not continuously mind you. I had the session open on the computer and if something interesting popped up in the corner of my eye, I would check it out.

Wait, what just happened there?
Except for the coaches I had no idea who anyone was. I'm probably 50 years older than most of the kid skaters, so to me everyone under 15 is "dearie". I only saw one adult doing the Quickstep, who I didn't know.

Lot's and lots of Gold Moves. I don't know what level freestyle tests were being done.

I was sad when one skater was called to the judges to repeat an element, then messed it up.

I was happy that falls were rare, and no one had a meltdown on ice.

I could hear faint supportive applause from the other skaters, parents and coaches when a freestyle skater finished a program.

Sadly, no one applauded for the ice dancers. It's a lonely road, ice dance testing is.

Still, on behalf of my Club, even though I couldn't be there as announcer, gate monitor, or music monitor, or anything else, I was there to support them.

Congratulations if you passed!
Better luck next time if you got a 'Retry"

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  1. As visible as ice dance is these days—thank you Meryl and Charlie and Tanith and Ben—pity that the general populace is still pretty clueless about it. Within the skating community though I would have expected a little better response… Ice dancers may not always be understood, but, oh—what edges and speed!