Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Figure Skating Warm-up

Up until a few weeks ago my warm-up was lap skating with alternating forward and (if the rink wasn't crowded) back crossovers down the long boards, followed by the pre-bronze forward to back crossover pattern with the swing mohawk transition.

I've been skating 8 hours a week and my legs are much stronger, so I've been looking at coaching videos for warm-up regimes. Here's what I'm doing now, with my goals for the next stage.
First Round:
One lap around the rink, no crossovers, no real try for power.

Second round: (Working on my ankles)
Now: Swizzles up one side of the rink with 4 quick crossovers across the shortboards, followed by deep in the knee forward slaloms with hands behind the back down the other side. Then back swizzles down one side, back crosses across the short boards, and back slaloms (hands behind the back) down the other. 
Goal: half a side of forwards, turn backwards then half a side of back swizzles. Back crosses. Turn Forwards. Half a side of forward slaloms. Turn back. Half a side of back slaloms, back crosses across the shortboards (I'm pretty sure I can do this next week)

Turn Forward.

Third Round: (Resting lap--hey, cut me some slack. Next year I have to register for Medicare)

Slow lap of forward stroking and back stroking (Inside and outside edges) as can be fit in due to traffic.

Fourth Round: (Knees and hips)
Forward cross rolls down one side of the rink. Stay down in the knee! Forward crossovers down the short boards. Forward swing rolls down the other side. Forward crossovers across the end
Goal: Foward cross rolls down one side. Back cross rolls down the other. (No where near back cross rolls, they're like in magic dreamland where I lose 40 lb and wake up with an axel--and back cross rolls).

Fifth round: (I'd drop this one for time, but I keep it in for the mohawk)
Pre-Bronze crossover pattern.
Goal: To get that f*%#ing swing mohawk in the middle done at some speed other than 'turtle'. 
Turtle speed
Sixth Round: (quickness)
In a circle with the following pattern for forward crossovers: slow and extended power crossover twice followed by 4 quick crossovers. Repeat around the center circle twice, both ways. 
Goal: To get my quick and power crossovers to be substantially different.  Right now my quicks just look like choppy power crossovers--so annoying. I'm quicking my little heart out and my coach says, "That doesn't look much different." 

Yeah, I know
This takes me about 10 minutes so it won't do for a 5 minute warm-up at a competion, but it gets the major leg muscles and joints moving without putting too much stress on the joints before they've got blood flowing and the ligaments and tendons warmed up.

I need to develop a 5 minute warm-up for tests. Meh, I've got a few months to work on that.


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