Monday, August 3, 2015

Back Three Injury Prevention

I once read that back threes are the leading cause of injuries in adult figure skaters (sorry, I can't find the cite). I mean, who categorizes stuff like that?

Anyway, I have an Ice Halo. I'm very respectful of head injuries. I don't ever want to find myself flat on my back on the ice with this looking down at me.


  1. Brackets...oh dear God the falls from brackets.

  2. Do you have the standard model or "HD" model of the ice halo? After my head injury I'm looking at these two plus the Crasche Middie. I have yet to get feed back on the standard or the HD halo. The HD appears to be of different construction than the standard model, which is a flat strip of foam with a velcro closure. The HD is also supposed to be made of high density foam, but seems thinner than the standard model. I've emailed questions to the ice halo folks (a couple weeks ago) but they have not replied. The Crasche middie appears to be a foam circle with foam padded polycarbonate inserts. I can't find test data to support a choice of one over the others. I intend to have some sort of protective head gear before returning to the ice in mid-September. What can you tell me?

    1. I have some definite ideas about head protection, I'll have to write it up very carefully since it's always a storm of huffy comments afterward.

  3. The neurologist I saw earlier this week told me that since I've had a brain hemorrhage, if I have a stroke at some point down the road that I'm not eligible for clot buster type drugs. I may want a second opinion on that factoid.